Former American President Bill Clinton’s Visit to KL Bird Park! 05 Dec 2008

Former American President Bill Clinton's Visit to KL Bird Park! - 05 Dec 2008

On a sunny 5th December 2008 afternoon, the 42nd President of the United States honored KL Bird Park with a brief visit.

In his visit to the "World's Largest Free-Flight Walk-in Aviary", former American President Bill Clinton's senses were bombarded with a great show of colors and songs from the 3,000 or more splendidly colored birds that fly freely amidst lush foliage. In doing this, the former American President was accompanied by friendly staffs of KL Bird Park. Among the many birds that former President Clinton have crossed path with, KL Bird Park's diverse range of water birds appealed to the former President's interest the most. Among the water birds; Scarlet Ibis (national bird of Trinidad & Tobago), Yellow-billed Stork and Purple Heron. The many vibrantly colorful Peacocks that roam freely around the park also caught the attention of the former American President.

In that brief visit, former American President Bill Clinton also managed to stop by our all new Peacock Gift Shop, a gift shop with a 'sky' of gift ideas!