Our Breeding Programme
KL Bird Park had actively begun its breeding programmes since the year 2002. Various species of birds, both local and foreign, had successfully being bred in the park under the programme, with some showing encouraging progress and improvement year after year. These are some of our many success stories:

Emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae This native Australian bird have no difficulties in adapting to our local climate, thus, making it one of the most successfully bred bird species in KL Bird Park since December 2002 until today. Under this breeding programme, a total of 37 emus were produced from the initial 6 parent birds. During each breeding season which takes place between December to February every year, the dark-green thick-shelled eggs laid by female birds are collected and placed in incubators and the chicks are hand-raised, giving careful attention to their diet and general health.

African Grey Parrot, Psittacus erithacus Widely known as the most intelligent parrot species in the world, the African Grey Parrot had been successfully bred in KL Bird Park since July 2002. With a total of 8 times breeding from one pair of parent bird, this breeding programme had so far produced 14 healthy African Grey Parrots to add up to our collection. Don't miss the chance to observe these adorable yet playful parrots at the World of Parrots and the Feathered Friends Photo Booth in Zone 4 of KL Bird Park.

Yellow-billed Stork, Mycteria ibis The first breeding of Yellow-billed Stork took place in 2003. Nesting colonies of these birds can be observed at various locations in the free-flight area of the park. The eggs laid were incubated by the parent birds themselves. Only when the chicks had hatched, they were taken down from their nests and hand-raised to ensure the survival of these chicks. A total of 11 chicks had survived from the first breeding.
  Silver Pheasant, Lophura nycthemera This large pheasant species, which inhabit various parts in Southeast Asia and China, is one of the latest bird species that successfully breed under our captive breeding programme. A total of 9 eggs were incubated in February 2007 and all hatched into 9 healthy chicks and were hand-raised. These birds were placed under special care and they have already been released into the park to join the rest of the group.

Other species successfully bred in KL Bird Park under the captive breeding programme:

Milky Stork, Mycteria cinerea

Red Lory, Eos borneo

Indian Blue Peafowl, Pavo cristatus

Red Junglefowl, Gallus gallus

Straw-headed Bulbul, Pycnonotus zeylanicus

Malay Peacock Pheasant, Polyplectrom malacense

Eclectus Parrot, Electus roratus


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